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Saturday and Steak

We woke up early today to get Matti over to football camp. He was even more excited than last week, soooo cute. This is exciting for us all because he is involved in something he likes and I get to support him. The coach and his wife had T-shirts for sale with our team on them and so naturally I bought them. I love the colors. (I am not really into football, but I will be for my family!)

After practice, we headed over and met up with my brother and mom to lay out at the beach. It was also my mom's "20th" Birthday, so hanging out was a priority. But when we got to the beach on base, the water was so choppy and it was so windy. Sand was everywhere and so were clouds, which kept the sun hidden and made us chilly. We left there and headed to the pool hoping that wasnt so bad, but same conditions as the beach minus the waves.

To celebrate our mother's birth, we all helped to make a good home cooked dinner- steak, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. Now, I am sitting here typing this, stuffed, sipping on coffee made from my mom's kuerig maker which I am lusting for...

..and now the kids are running amuck like they drank a coffee with extra expressso, my brother and cousin are running around outside in the dark with flashlights playing hide and seek. School just let out yesterday for summer and they are just ecstatic!

I have been searching Pintrest high and low looking for fun stuff to do with them this summer. I refuse to let them just stay inside playing video games and watching Netflix! hahahaha

Here are some cool things I found to do with the kids...via Pintrest! Make sure to follow me! Click the link or go to

I am excited about these, I need to actually do them with the kiddos this summer. Maybe I will start doing one activity per weekend and make a video to share it with all of you! What do you think?

Even if you don't have kids, some of these things are cool to do with a bunch of friends or family. Get in touch with your inner child and your inner artist!

Giant Kit Kat Bars,