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Get Your PAWS on this!

It's Sunday morning, and while I am sippin on my morning coffee and sitting with my kids watching "Night At The Museum" and Sunday mornings are when I like to get caught up on reading blogs, watching Youtube videos, and researching trends or fun looks to get inspired by.

I came across this cool product and thought I would share it with my viewers :)

It's called the Paw Palette, and it was created by a makeup artist named Crystal Powder, who after searching for a wrist palette in the market got tired of searching and decided to make her own. 

Many makeup artist's use the back of their hand to apply product to the clients, and even though hands can be sanitized, it is better to use a palette that can be disinfected properly.

"Is made of an opaque white, nonporous board and is reuasable. Straps are currently made of high

quality, durable, braided elastic band and are adjustable to fit your hand or your wrist comfortably!

If you would like an extra long strap or special size, email for all questions."

They cost only $14.99

You can order these at her website at and check out more such as Portfolio Images and services. She is located in California, so if your in that area, check her out.

She also has a FACEBOOK where she has giveaways , so make sure to "like" her page

I wasnt paid or compensated to write about this, I just stumbled upon this and thought it was a cool palette and a must have for any Makeup artist on the job!

Tell me, what do you think? Would you get this for your makeup kit, or recommend it to another makeup artist?

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