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Kandee Johnson Designer Bag

Kandee Johnson is one youtube guru that I watch and read religiously. Not that I am a crazy stalker, but she is someone I look up to as a mentor/sister/friend even though I have never met her. She has inspired me to attend cosmetology school, become a makeup artist, start a blog and even do youtube videos. She is just one of the kindest, funniest, nice people I have ever come across.

You can check out her blogs at and

She got the opportunity to design her very own handbag, or more like a messenger bag through Imoshion. I am so excited, not only because she designed it, but this is exactly my style and what I look for in a bag.

Check out her video here and she explains everything about the bag! You will fall in love!

Because of her very big fanbase, the bags sold out in a day and they were not expecting so many people to buy them! So for now they are on back order, but you can preorder them and Kandee had also included a 15% discount code for you : "LUVKJ15"  you can preorder here.

I will be preordering mine next week! I need a new purse because the Coach messenger bag my mom got me last year is already breaking because I use it everyday!

I just wanted to share this with my readers! I hope you have an amazing weekend and see you in the next post!