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My grandfather has the words LOVE and HATE on the inside of his wrists, and I have always admired them. I even drew up a tattoo design a few years ago that I am thinking about getting tattooed on my forearm.

these rings are sooo cute. I found them at here

For me the love and hate represents relationships, the good side and the bad sides of any relationship. It doesnt even have to be about a marriage or a love, it can even be about friendships, or even be a metaphor for other events, like for me, can represent my feelings about the Army when I was enlisted. I loved many things about the army but hated it at the same time.

I never asked my grandfather the meaning of his I finally called him and asked him what the meaning or story was behind it. He told me he was drunk and he got it with a buddy of his and he couldnt even remember the other guys name. I couldnt help but laugh at him. It was really funny and we laughed over the phone about it.

Its interesting to learn about your family and the stories they have. I look up to my grandfather so much. He served 20 years in the US NAVY as a CW04 and then served 20 years as a correctional officer in Lakeland, FL. He is also prolly the biggest Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan ever. Not only is his house painted in BUC colors, and has every type of sports memorabilia ever, he also has various buccaneer tattoos. I look up to him in so many ways, so in a way this is a lil tribute to him.

Love and hate, Ce Cilia

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