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FABA TV and Magical Solutions

Every now and then, I freelance/work for a company called Magical Solutions facepainting or teaching a facepaint session for new employees. Magical Solutions, owned and operated by Paul Krendl, is an entertainment company that hosts private parties, corporate events, holiday events and since were so close to the beach, they also help to provide the tourist entertainment as well. There are magicians, comedians, DJ’s, fire dancer, facepainters, mimes, clowns, and I am sure much more than what I know is available. Oh yea, and stilt walkers! How could I forget, when my hubby does it for this company too when a gig comes up!


I love doing facepainting and body painting! I often get asked how I got started into this field. Honestly, I have always been into facepaint especially around Halloween. Check out this photo below with my dad and I when I was about 3 years old.


It’s kinda funny and ironic that my dad is painting my face and now I paint faces for a living! It just goes to show that you show an interest in what you love even at an early age! My family always supported my artistic background so every holiday and birthday, I always got sketchbooks, paint kits, pencils and easels. I could always do facepainting, but didn’t really start doing it until about 3 years ago, and got really into it when I went to beauty school!


As word got around that I do face and body painting, I eventually got more work doing it. I am always working on my skills. The more practice you get, the more better you become at your craft. And that goes for anything!

Besides youtube and blogs, I had never really seen any websites that offered tutorials until last week, when I was teaching a facepaint session, I found out that we had a new training resource we can use.


It’s called FABA TV (Face and Body Art Television). It is not free, you do have to pay for membership, but let me tell you, I think it is well worth it (even though I did not pay for this). SO, This will be a bit of a review for anyone who is contemplating investing in this service. I think it’s great, there are so many different classes offered online, not only for face and body painting, but for makeup, henna, airbrushing and more. Each class is at least an hour long and filmed in High Def and taught by an experienced artist.


I just absolutely love it. I have been watching classes for hours while I have been finishing up some tattoo drawings and they are really informative and the artists give out tips that even I didn’t know about. I am also a makeup artist, so there are some resources for that as well!

I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a face, body painter, makeup artist or entertainer in family fun. Have you ever this website? What do you think?

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