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BOUND by Ink

I have found my new favorite tattoo magazine: BOUND BY INK! I picked up this baby when I splurged at Border's going out of business sale. What caught my attention to this mag, besides the gorgeous Queen Esther on the cover, was the design of the magazine (enter graphic design geek mode), the cover itself is nice and smooth and is a thicker paper which is nice because I like to take magazines with me everywhere and regular magazines get ripped easily.

I am starting to lean more towards magazines that feature stories about tattoo artists, or people with hella ink.  I like to learn about people and their walk of life, their background, the reasons why they get inked. I just love it.

I really enjoyed reading the article about Queen Esther, a model that made a name for herself and went on to open her own modeling agency. What impressed me is that she is not only a strong, beauitful, independent woman who owns her own business, but she accomplished all that with 5 kids! Yes, I said 5 KIDS!

I just wanted to share this with you and hopefully you will be inspired like I am

Thanks for stopping by as always!

Quote of the Day:

Seize the day that you are living in. When we make it a habit of putting off doing what we love, we send a message to ourselves basically saying that we aren't important. Life is really too short not to love every moment of it. Spend time exploring who you are at your heart's level. Make time to follow your dreams, and achieve the goals that you know you want to achieve.

Don't let the tough parts of life discourage you, for we all experience them. You are the master of your dreams, and only you can achieve them, nobody else will achieve them for you. Putting off the pursuit of your dreams will lead you to a dead end on Unfulfilled Street, and before you know it your whole life may have passed by. It is never too late to start going in the direction of where your dreams, and goals are located. As long as you are at least in the pursuit of your dreams by the time that it is your turn to go, the odds are better that you will be more fulfilled than if you would of never tried!

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