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Dorm Room Swagga Part 2

I can't believe that all the stores are getting ready for school again! It's like they just got let out! But then I remembered that college students start school next month. With all the school supplies and bedding accessories out in the stores and me drooling over it all even though I am done with college for now..who is to say I will enroll again and finish one of the degrees I started such as Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design or Graphic Design. Yea...I switched my major around a few times.....and I have a butt load of school debt to show for it. hahaha

Last year, I posted about some pretty cool and hip dorm rooms and my blog gets hit on it the most. You can check out the link Here. so why  not post again on the subject?

Since it was such a smashing hit last year, I wanted to put together another collection of cool rooms that are "IN" this year. So sit back and get inspired!

Source: via Ce Cilia on Pinterest

Then, I came across these two things on "surviving" college.

Oh and I couldn't forget about the kitchen Dorm appliances! Check out some of these cute babies!

Source: via Ce Cilia on Pinterest

Find this Here
Find this Here

And that wraps up my "Dorm Room Swagga" Report! hahaha I hope you enjoyed this and if you are off to college this year- good luck and the best advice I can give you- from a girl who has gone to 3 colleges and not one degree to show for it----Manage your time wisely. Time management is soooo IMPORTANT!!!

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