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Route 66

With all the commotion about my surgery and hospital visits going on, we didnt get a chance to enjoy all the pictures and memories that Jermie had to share when he got back from Arizona from visiting his family.

He flew into Vegas and then stayed out near Kingman, Arizona, which is best known as "The Heart of Route 66". And I thought of the movie "Cars" when Jermie told me this. hahahaha

from the movie "Cars" hahaha
Jermie hasnt seen his family in a while so he was loving the 2 weeks he spent there. Family cookouts, BBQ's, softball games and just relaxing good times. They went to a bike rally out in Laughlin, a city not too far away Kingman.

Here is some amazing airbrush art on this motorcycle

The detail just blows my mind. I wish I could airbrush this good. I guess I need to start practicing more!

Jermie, his sister in law Eioleen and his brother Josh
They all made their way to the Grand Canyon too! Which I am soooo jealous because I want to see that for myself.

Someone snapped this photo of him and I just love it for some reason..the time on the photo is wrong hahaha way wrong

I just wanted to share his lil trip to Arizona to the lil town of Kingman. Jermie may be going back out there to spend more time with his family and also to attend automotive school. Ive contemplated going out there as well while he attends school, but I think that would be a huge culture shock for me hahahaha I would like to go visit though and see this lil historical piece of America. Especially to see some beauitful sunsets like this below.

Ive actually lived in Arizona, well stationed in Ft. Huachuca for 6 months during training but that is hours away from this place. I do remember the weather to be nice during the winters and really hot in the summers. I even got my first tattoo in Arizona. hahahaha

Thanks for coming along with Jermie on his lil vacation to Arizona. Hopefully we will go visit again later this year. Hope you have a marvelous Route 66 day!