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Tuesday Work Flow

I am about to sit down and start my workflow for today. One of the perks of working from home is that I can work when I want to. I had my friend Lah over and we discussed some future plans of opening up our own salon/studio, which I am excited about. Having my own studio is something I have wanted since I was young. In the meantime, I will be still doing my freelance designing.

I wanted to show you the finished drawing of the Ohm I drew for my sister, Nique:


One of Nique’s brothers is apprenticing in a tattoo shop in Colorado and he got to do her tattoo. I think it is his first one on someone else. Here is the first session:


I think that’s pretty awesome that he got the chance to do it and his tattoo mentor helped him through it.

Now, I am about to sit down and finalize a tshirt design for a client. I drew a rough sketch on paper, but I am going to try and work on it in photoshop or paint shop pro.

I have always wanted to design tshirts and clothing since I was young. I love tshirts. In fact, my everyday basic look would be a tshirt, a good well worn pair of jeans and some chucks, sometimes I put a flannel over it. I just feel comfortable. Here are some of my favorite looks. (these are old, I cant wait until my hair is long again)






I love graphic tees, especially Marilyn Monroe, which if you didn’t know, I am obsessed with her. I found these two tshirts in a local tshirt shop and I want to get them sooooo bad. Check out these pretty babies!



You can also say that I am obsessed with the tattoo culture, so anything related to tattoos I love!

Here are some other tattoo related photos that I love right now:


Alright my lovies, time for me to quit messing around online….getting distracted. So, see ya in the next post!