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Zombie Apocalypse

Who doesn't have a thing for zombies? If you don't know there is a HUGE following and a craze for any and everything ZOMBIE. Last night my hubby and I were out and came across these zombie decals for your car, and we just couldn't resist!

Jermie and I are also fans of The Walking Dead and surprisenly our son Matthias loves zombies too. In fact, he is the one who wanted to get these car decals! 7 years old and he is not afraid lol.

Most of our friends and family LOVE zombies too, so I wanted to show them and yall some cool, funky and just plain weird stuff I found online in case you want to bring your obssession to your home!

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Shower Curtain
Zombie Kit
Brains Candle
ahhhh and I just found this Andy Warhol inspired Marilyn Monroe zombified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn Zombie Poster
For the geeks like me who love stuff for your desk, looky what I found!

Zombie desk organizer
I hope you had a kick out of these gag gifts! I had fun looking through some cool websites! Happy Zombie hunting my friends!