I just got done painting a lil shelf that I found in a thrift store for only $8 and painted it with a blueish-purplely color. Then I took some seashells that I found while walking on the shore at Sandbridge Beach a while ago, and painted them pinkish mixed with a lil bit of white and then glued them on the shelf. I am still waiting for the glue to try, so I dont want to take a pic of it yet, But I will when it is completly dry on my next blog.  It took a while for me to add several coats of paint. I have been waiting and saving up for an airbrush kit, and I found a spray gun kit on craigslist for $ I am excited, I am gonna go get it tomorrow, I still need a compressor, but I will get one and of course airbrush paint. I am soooo is a pic of the kit.

For those artists who are looking to getting into airbrushing, you can find this kit on ebay, home depot or even some few auto parts shops. I have had some experience with airbrushing, but didnt have my own equipment to practice. Its easy to do tshirt designs but I am looking into doing more custom pieces.

I was browsing a few airbursh pieces on DeviantArt and came across this artist ( click on the title of Blog and it will route you to her page), I found this painting of Megan Fox (who I think is so sexy!)

This piece is so emotional and I love how intense it is. Just amazing! Well, I am off to finish a painting of my friends son. I will post soon!


All Will Prevail