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Custom Sneaks

My sister came from Denver to spend some time with me, and while shopping at TJ Maxx, we found some black and white converse sneakers and we got the grande idea to paint our own designs for these shoes just for US. By no means am I gonna try to break into the custom sneaker biz, I will leave that to my friend Elom, (check out his blog here ).

My sister and I

But we wanted something to represent us and our sisterhood :) Nique is an artist as well, she loves to paint with bright colors and is really into abstract art. She wanted a design with a sun and an Ohm symbol, so here is what I came up with, check it out:

me working on some of the details

She wanted me to do whatever I wanted on her other shoe, so of course, I did my signature stars, moon and universe with my Sweet Surrender name

For the colors, I used my airbrush gun, then went back through with my paintbrush to add some contour and depth, then went back through with my marker to get some of the fine lines.

Nique painted something for my brother and I painted something for her to take back to Denver.

She painted Sublime because my brother sang one of their songs on a video I posted

Here is what I painted, just something abstract with teaks, blues a lil bit of pinkand some swirlies.

That was part of my weekend! I hope you enjoyed it and draw inspiration from it.

Quote of the day:

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Just a Peek

I got my copy of the photos taken from the Galaxy Photoshoot with Bella Donna Reese Photography. I have to say I am in love with how they turned out! She took over 50 photos, so now I have to pick JUST ONE to be entered for the contest, so I am going to wait to pick the one until I have all photos from all 3 photo shoots. But here is a sneak peek of two photos that Charisse from Bella Donna Reese Photography edited.

I love how they turned out! I am thinking of doing more photoshoots once this contest is over. It would be so much fun! Tomorrow is my next photoshoot, and I am gonna get all my supplies together so I am not rushing around tomorrow like a chicken with its head cut off!

Quote of the day:

"Your mistakes should be your motivation, not your excuses"
Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Temptu Makeup

A few weeks ago, I had ordered a mini starter airbrush makeup set from  I ran into a dilemna with my airbrush gear and had to order a new airbrush and a new hose, there were some parts missing and finally after trips to micheals and home depot and the help of my husband, I was able to get what I needed to get the ball rolling.

I ordered this set, just to see how Temptu makeup sprayed on

can be purchased here:
I only tried one color last night, which was the yellow pigment. I sprayed it on my arm and cheek to test how it felt on my skin and I even tested it on my husbands chest and sprayed a fake six-pack lol I was laughing so hard. I wish I couldve gotten a pic of it, ( I am getting really bad at that).

So, here is my review on the Temptu: It does not rub off at all when it is applied to the skin. No sticky residue, it does have a slight odor to it, but nothing youre gonna gag on and wanna visit the toilet to see your lunch again LOL! It does come off easily, I just ran water over it and it was gone! I do not know how well it blends together with other colors, but I will be testing that tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening, I will be on set with a photogrpaher to shoot my galaxy "Runway" theme! I am so excited to finally get this going! I may have an assistant there to help film a before and during shot, or activity so I can "bring" yall with me!

Quote of the Day:

Blaze with the fire that is never extinguished.

Luisa Sigea, O Magazine, September 2003

May you find inspiration in your everyday life!
Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.


I just got done painting a lil shelf that I found in a thrift store for only $8 and painted it with a blueish-purplely color. Then I took some seashells that I found while walking on the shore at Sandbridge Beach a while ago, and painted them pinkish mixed with a lil bit of white and then glued them on the shelf. I am still waiting for the glue to try, so I dont want to take a pic of it yet, But I will when it is completly dry on my next blog.  It took a while for me to add several coats of paint. I have been waiting and saving up for an airbrush kit, and I found a spray gun kit on craigslist for $ I am excited, I am gonna go get it tomorrow, I still need a compressor, but I will get one and of course airbrush paint. I am soooo is a pic of the kit.

For those artists who are looking to getting into airbrushing, you can find this kit on ebay, home depot or even some few auto parts shops. I have had some experience with airbrushing, but didnt have my own equipment to practice. Its easy to do tshirt designs but I am looking into doing more custom pieces.

I was browsing a few airbursh pieces on DeviantArt and came across this artist ( click on the title of Blog and it will route you to her page), I found this painting of Megan Fox (who I think is so sexy!)

This piece is so emotional and I love how intense it is. Just amazing! Well, I am off to finish a painting of my friends son. I will post soon!


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