I love christmas parties!!!!!!!!!!

My mother is a chief in the navy, and every year her command has a christmas party. I have not been home to attend one of these ever..so I was really excited that my husband and I were invited to go with my parents and my aunt and her boyfriend and his son and his girlfriend.  I was so excited because I love to get all dolled up...(I dont get to dress all fancy as much as I would like) and I had this one dress a friend bought for me a few years ago, so I decided to "recycle" it and wear it again. I have been into the "pin up" 50's style and decided to look like a pin up girl. I follow a girl on youtube who makes videos on how to do your hair like a pin up girl from the 50's, so after watching a video, I did my own hair.

I didnt get a chance to take a picture of my hair from the top, but what I did was after curling my hair all over, I took my front bangs and curled them and created "pin curls", using about 15 bobby pins, I pinned 3 big pin curls. It didnt take me too long, maybe a total of 10 minutes. I love that I have peek-a-boo highlights in my hair and when I did my curls, it just looked amazing. I was really proud of myself that I did it, I cant wait to go to Cosmetology school and learn more, it's gonna be so much fun. My make up was fun to do too, I used my Bare Essentials powders, and my palette of 120 colors of eyeshadow ( which I only used 4 colors mainly), and my MAC brush set, I did a natural look for my eyes with the cat eye liner on my top lids. I used Loreal Beyonce red lip stain for my lips which really makes everything "POP"!!! Since my eyeslashes are so long, I really dont need fake lashes, but I wanted my lashes to be thicker, so I bought some fake lashes from the Dolla Sto.....(dollar store) hahahaha and that was it!  Oh, and I almost forgot, the lil red flower!

This was really nice, because Jermie and I havent been able to go out and get dressed up so we had a really fun time.  During the party, they gave away prizes...to include 2 Wii's systems, 2 XBOX 360 with the konnects systems, many gift cards and other gifts..but the main prize was a 42" TV..man, we wanted that soooo bad, but we didnt win......we did manage to get a fondue set from the gift exchange gift...that my mom brought for the game...so it was funny that we took it home!

Well, that was my night last night! I hope everyone else has fun holiday parties too!  Love, Cecilia

Do what you love and the money will follow.