Top 7 on my Christmas List

so, just for fun, I put together a list of things I want for Christmas. I am not expecting to get any of these..because some of them are a lil expensive, but these are things I am going to get myself in 2011, so in a way, these are my 2011 goals. Counter clockwise:

I go through watches like nobody's business. It is my number one accessory and I love watches that are different and I love Hello Kitty, which seems to be a trend that never goes out of style. I love it because my grandmother used to take me to the Sanrio store during my summer visits to Florida and have loved Hello Kitty ever since.

I love lip gloss. I do not wear lip stick too much, but I live for gloss. I love this trio that Urban Decay offers and I am gonna treat myself to this once Christmas is over (if I do not get it as a gift, of course) hahaha

When you read "double action", I am sure you are wondering what the heck I am talking about. I have an airbrush, but it is just a basic airbrush, I have been practicing, but for me to do really detailed work, I need an airbrush that will let air flow and paint and that I can adjust the flow of air...the one I have now is single action which is good for bigger projects..but not good for other stuff I wanna do, such as guitars. lol

I have been dabbling into painting for a while now, and I am really liking painting on big canvases, such as my "Lily" painting. If anyone saw my makeshift easel, it was pretty sad (I used patio chairs), and my dining table is not suitable either, so I would like to get an easel that I could use indoor or outdoor.

Of course, any artist cannot be complete without a nice camera. My major is graphic design, and I would like to be able to take better photos. I especially want to be able to take pics of my projects and other things I have going on, like designing clotehs, or doing someone's make up or hair.

I have been downloading trial version after trial version of Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop to try and sharpen my skills and I would like to be able to have it, instead of downloading. Once I open my boutique, I will be able to get it on my business plan. lol hehehehe

I will be attending the Rudy and Kelly Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school next month, and I am already building up my supplies..with straighteners, blow dryers and make up...and once finished, I am hoping to be able to dive right into working once completed as a stylist, so I would like to have these cases to help lug around my stuff. lol 

Well, This was my list of top 7 wants....what are yours?

Happy Holidays, Cecilia 

Do what you love and the money will follow.