Thanksgiving Mayhem

Me with my children

In the blur of the past 2 weeks, I shouldve wrote about Thanksgiving...totally spaced it. lol I have been trying to edit a video that my daughter made and I want to post it, maybe I ll get it done and hopefully it will be on this post....or I will just go ahead and post it as is. (WELL.....Blogger is taking FOREVER to load my I guess its not meant to be)

Arabella "producer in the making"

 She took control of a flip video camera and became the hostess of the show, with my son trying to yell over top of her. It was really cute. Thankfully she doesnt read this...(she is only 6 years old) but I am getting her a lil Hello Kitty Video camera, so she can make her own lil videos and shows, and I am getting Matthias a nice lil camera, since he took someones camera and started snappin away.

Matthias taking a pic of the microwave. LOL can you see our reflections?

Matti took a pic of "Jammie" is how he pronounces his name

It was just so adorable and priceless. I loved every moment of it. I havent been able to see my children in a few years due to some craziness a few years ago, but I feel really blessed that God has given me another chance to be with my family. I hope everyones holidays were as precious as this. I was able to eat turkey and mashed potatoes, cresant rolls..or should I say Garlic crescent rolls because mom grabbed the wrong kind at th commisary hahahaha, we had fresh green beans, i think there was corn, I dont really remember. All i know is we all rubbed our lil hearts out. and eveyone had abite of my moms delish creamcheese pie.....i dont even remember what this was called: I know the crust was an oreo and there was some cream cheese in there...some melted caramel and chocolate...and just rish goodness.

My mother makes some really good cheese cakes...and she makes this one chocolate chip short cake with strawberries oh man, I will havet o get that recipe and post a how to. y'all will love it!

to aspiring filmakers and artists and chefs all around the world, no matter what age they are! Love, cecilia

Do what you love and the money will follow.