"I feel like a parent"

I spent the day with my kiddos and it was so much fun. (for those who dont know, I share the kids with their father..so the whole joint custody thing). Even though I was feeling gross with a cold, I didnt wanna lounge in bed all day, so after drinking some coffee to wake me up, Arabella wanted to paint her nails like mine. lol I had painted my nails red and put white stripes like candy canes (stole idea from julieg713 on youtube!).  My daughter has thick, gorgeous black hair and its usually just a big mess of hair, and since I will be going to cosmetolgy school next month, I decided to practice on my daughter's hair. So here is what I did..(and copied idea from another blog...hahahaha)

It looks sloppy here, but this hairdo stayed all day. three braids in the front and then wrapped into a circle held down with bobby pins. She loved it. When I was painting her nails, she asked if she could have a sip of my coffee....and I hesitated at first telling her, "This is a grown up drink", but she insisted, so I let her have a tiny sip....after she takes a drink, she looks at me and says, " That tastes good", but I told her she couldnt have anymore. Well, the lil sneaky girl that she can be stole a few large sips when I went upstairs to get hairspray and then she even let her brother...Matthias drink some too....The next hour after that they were sooooo hyper...can I say "Sugar Buzz" lol.

After she drank the coffee..she told me......" I feel like a parent!", I asked her why and she said because parents drink coffee. It was the most adorable thing ever. lol It is true what they say that kids say the darndest things! I think I am gonna scrapbook what they say and keep it, so when they are older I can show them how stinkin cute they are. lol

and speaking of the darndest things kids say, last week, Matthias told me with a very serious face, he said "Mommy, I want a tattoo".  I said, "do you want a real one or a fake one" he said "a real one!' I told him that real ones hurt with needles, plus he would have to be 18 years old. he was pretty bummed out, but I made him a deal that I would get him fake ones and he can put them whereever he wanted. lol kids are so cute!

We took the kids to see Tangled....I guess they only remember me taking them to the movies when they were younger, so I loved that I could share this with them again. When we walked into the theater..their lil faces lit up and bella whispered to me "this is so cool". I cant wait to take them again.

well, that was my day with the kiddos...I hope everyone else who has kids can share special moments like I did. Happy Holidays!


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