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Nerd for Books

I recently got a gift card to my favorite store Barnes and Nobles Book Store. Although this was a gift for me, I always include my kiddos and get them goodies too! At first, when I told the kids we were going to the bookstore, they hesitated not wanting to go since there were no TOYS. But once I told them there was a Starbucks in it, they got sooo happy because they love their hot chocolates. hahahahahah   I love bookstores and I want my children to love reading too and going to bookstores as much as I do.

Once we got in the store, they immediatly went to the kids section and Matthias made a straight line to the comics section and starts pulling down books and looking through them. Arabella could only think about hot chocolate. hahaha until she came across a section of girl diary's ( the kind with a lock on it) and that caught her attention.  I was the same way at her age. hahah funny how that happens

 I actually picked up a book next to her diary that had drawing styles for fashion design on sale for $6- I couldnt help myself, I had to grab it! I wish this book was out when I was younger! I love how they break down how to draw faces and clothing. I like the faces because I could use them as facesheets when I design makeup looks. The croakies ( the trace drawings of people) are really good too!

After they picked out $10 worth for each of them, I went and grabbed two of my favorite tattoo magazines, Bound By Ink and Rebel Ink.

I grabbed my usual Cinnamon Dulce Latte, the kiddos two hot chocolates and a rice krispies treat that we all shared.

see me eyeballing that COLOR NOOK?? I want to get one soooo bad!

Arabella feels so grown up and likes to pretend she is drinking Coffee. hahahaha

I hope you enjoyed our lil trip to Barnes and Nobles with us! Do you like to go to Barnes and Nobles? Whats your favorite part of going there? I like to get coffee and browse magazines and books for inspiration!

See you again soon!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Tornado Warning!

Right now, our area has a tornado warning in effect. My husband and I are laying in bed and watching Harry Potter Seven part 1 that the kids wanted to watch, but of course have wandered across the hall to my cousins room and has now started another movie. LOL. Kids are funny like that.

Today wasnt too bad, I didnt want to wake up this morning after resuming my sleep medication because I cant seem to shut my brain off and get to sleep at a decent hour, as I rushed to get to school, I actually had time to grab breakfast at Mickey D's which I havent done in a long while. And as I waited for my order (2 hashbrowns, a sausage biscuit and orange juice), one of the old timers that prolly goes there every morning greeted me and said " you look sharp, gal", and that compliment started my morning off nice, because I have to admit, I was feelin pretty grumpy.  I left Mcdonalds and got to school telling myself "It will be a good day".

When I got to school, I was surprised to find that a girl from my english class whom I gave my business card to, booked an appointment with me for a haircut and a color service! That boosted my morning even more, even though it was still cloudy all day!

I wish I had my camera (again my memory card was in the computer)...I wanted to take a before and after picture! Maybe I can get her to email me one.  We had fun though, I had an assistant ( or protege student as we call them at school) and I colored her hair a pretty reddish dark mohangany brown, with peek-a-boo highlights and trimmed her up with face framing layers!  It was so much fun and nice to share an experience like that with someone, because its not just doing someones hair, I made her smile, and she was so excited, I made her day. I like that feeling. She left and she tipped me my BIGGEST TIP so far: $25! Wow!

After that, I got the kids and we headed to a friends birthday party, whose son turned One! There was a lot of kids there, but my kids had fun running around and grubbin up the food which was yummy!  I am glad I got to see some of my friends I havent seen in a while, and I even chatted up a girl who was interested in me doing her hair, so I passed out my business card to her! I love it! I even got a couple of compliments on my hair! Someone called it "Fierce" lol.

Well, Thats about it for my day, now I can relax, finish watching HP7 and squeeze in my homework.

Thanks for stopping by!

Do what you love and the money will follow.

Topsy Turvy Day

Today, our family celebrated the birth of my daughter, Arabella. She turned 7 years old yesterday, but we celebrated today. A few days ago, the kids and I made all the layers of the cake! We made 2 layers of yellow cake, 1 layer of brownie, and then 2 layers of french vanilla! I even attempted to try and make fondant out of marshmellows.....which was fun making, but very sticky and hard to I ended up going to Micheal's and buying the already made fondant in purple, hot pink and white.

Everyone loved the cake, and it was alot of fun making it! Arabella had a good birthday and I am so thankful I was able to spend time with my children. I hope that they will remember all the special times we share together. My mom and I loved it as well, we were able to get a taste of what it would be like to bake these crazy outrageous cakes...because she is possibly thinking about opening up a bakery once she gets back from Korea and she retires from the navy.
The best part of today was just hanging out with the kids, we played Spongebob Squarepants Operation...and Matthias beat us all in both games that we played! I even painted Matthias as a clown! He loved it and so did Jermie! I am hoping the Circus is gonna be coming in the spring because the kids have never been....(random thought I know) and then driving them back to their dad's, they were singing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga....( I think my kids love her just as much as I do!) lol
well, that was my day, so I will close this up and get back to eating the rest of my piece of leftover topsy turvy cake and dr. pepper and watching Jerseyliscious. hehehehe

Do what you love and the money will follow.

"I feel like a parent"

I spent the day with my kiddos and it was so much fun. (for those who dont know, I share the kids with their the whole joint custody thing). Even though I was feeling gross with a cold, I didnt wanna lounge in bed all day, so after drinking some coffee to wake me up, Arabella wanted to paint her nails like mine. lol I had painted my nails red and put white stripes like candy canes (stole idea from julieg713 on youtube!).  My daughter has thick, gorgeous black hair and its usually just a big mess of hair, and since I will be going to cosmetolgy school next month, I decided to practice on my daughter's hair. So here is what I did..(and copied idea from another blog...hahahaha)

It looks sloppy here, but this hairdo stayed all day. three braids in the front and then wrapped into a circle held down with bobby pins. She loved it. When I was painting her nails, she asked if she could have a sip of my coffee....and I hesitated at first telling her, "This is a grown up drink", but she insisted, so I let her have a tiny sip....after she takes a drink, she looks at me and says, " That tastes good", but I told her she couldnt have anymore. Well, the lil sneaky girl that she can be stole a few large sips when I went upstairs to get hairspray and then she even let her brother...Matthias drink some too....The next hour after that they were sooooo hyper...can I say "Sugar Buzz" lol.

After she drank the coffee..she told me......" I feel like a parent!", I asked her why and she said because parents drink coffee. It was the most adorable thing ever. lol It is true what they say that kids say the darndest things! I think I am gonna scrapbook what they say and keep it, so when they are older I can show them how stinkin cute they are. lol

and speaking of the darndest things kids say, last week, Matthias told me with a very serious face, he said "Mommy, I want a tattoo".  I said, "do you want a real one or a fake one" he said "a real one!' I told him that real ones hurt with needles, plus he would have to be 18 years old. he was pretty bummed out, but I made him a deal that I would get him fake ones and he can put them whereever he wanted. lol kids are so cute!

We took the kids to see Tangled....I guess they only remember me taking them to the movies when they were younger, so I loved that I could share this with them again. When we walked into the theater..their lil faces lit up and bella whispered to me "this is so cool". I cant wait to take them again.

well, that was my day with the kiddos...I hope everyone else who has kids can share special moments like I did. Happy Holidays!


Do what you love and the money will follow.

Thanksgiving Mayhem

Me with my children

In the blur of the past 2 weeks, I shouldve wrote about Thanksgiving...totally spaced it. lol I have been trying to edit a video that my daughter made and I want to post it, maybe I ll get it done and hopefully it will be on this post....or I will just go ahead and post it as is. (WELL.....Blogger is taking FOREVER to load my I guess its not meant to be)

Arabella "producer in the making"

 She took control of a flip video camera and became the hostess of the show, with my son trying to yell over top of her. It was really cute. Thankfully she doesnt read this...(she is only 6 years old) but I am getting her a lil Hello Kitty Video camera, so she can make her own lil videos and shows, and I am getting Matthias a nice lil camera, since he took someones camera and started snappin away.

Matthias taking a pic of the microwave. LOL can you see our reflections?

Matti took a pic of "Jammie" is how he pronounces his name

It was just so adorable and priceless. I loved every moment of it. I havent been able to see my children in a few years due to some craziness a few years ago, but I feel really blessed that God has given me another chance to be with my family. I hope everyones holidays were as precious as this. I was able to eat turkey and mashed potatoes, cresant rolls..or should I say Garlic crescent rolls because mom grabbed the wrong kind at th commisary hahahaha, we had fresh green beans, i think there was corn, I dont really remember. All i know is we all rubbed our lil hearts out. and eveyone had abite of my moms delish creamcheese pie.....i dont even remember what this was called: I know the crust was an oreo and there was some cream cheese in there...some melted caramel and chocolate...and just rish goodness.

My mother makes some really good cheese cakes...and she makes this one chocolate chip short cake with strawberries oh man, I will havet o get that recipe and post a how to. y'all will love it!

to aspiring filmakers and artists and chefs all around the world, no matter what age they are! Love, cecilia

Do what you love and the money will follow.