The second part of my haul

Its raining outside and its a lil late, but I cannot sleep. :( I got back from my evening class at college a few hours ago and I am still trying to wind down. I got caught up with homework, and reading all my subscriptions blogs and all my youtube subscriptions, and still not tired yet. I am loading the second part of the shopping haul now as I type this, and as soon as it is loaded, I am off to bed and try to catch some zzzz's.

So, as I wait almost impatiently, I guess I will just ramble on about whatever pops into my head. I feel like there is a ka-jillion things swimming around in my head, and even though I use a planner to its full potential and plan everything out like a geek, I feel like I can never focus on one thing. Do you ever feel like that? Like you have too much going on? It's a wonder that I even get anything done at all! I have to remember to take one thing at a time and before I know it, I have checked everything off my "to-do-list" and yes I have one!

I am so glad I am not sick anymore, I had broncitis last week and have been on antibiotics since then and I do feel better. I was told at the doctor's though I have high cholesterol, so I am trying to curb my cravings for fast food, because I am a junk-food-aholic!!!! and I want to start running again.

I feel like I am writing too much, maybe its me from being delusional and in denial about being tired, so I will end this and will include the link to my latest upload, the second part of the haul. Enjoy and goodnight!

Do what you love and the money will follow.