Hello Kitty Bow Ring

I just wanted to take a quick minute.....but its really like 5 minutes to write a quick post of a Hello Kitty Bow ring I ordered online.  I stumbled across this at Yardsellr.com

I leave the seller information in my video, also on youtube in the information box. But in case you miss it, here it is again: 


You can also Click the Title of the blog above, and it will send you to the sellers information! You can log in under your facebook as well into yardsellr

She has other Hello Kitty accessories too, such as necklaces, other rings, earrings. Here are a few:

So, I will prolly be ordering a few more of these items...I def have my eye on this red bow necklace.  Here is my video below

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching and I hope you have a great day!
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