On that Blue Kick

I know it has been a week or two since I have last posted on here, it has just been crazy! The past two weeks have been non stop. So, here is the first blog post to update yall on my hair. A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the hair cut and color I wanted and our school had a funraising event where our learning leaders will do our hair and all the money we pay goes towards our funraising campaign.

 A few of the girls, Jinaki and Winter and myself all met up at Golden Corral and had breakfast....where I pigged out on pancakes, hashbrowns, BACON, fruit and coffee!!!! YUM!

Then we headed to the school and Christina got started on my Mane!

We went with a dark dark brown (4NN) for the all over color in the back and a few pieces on the side. Then double process application for the left side of my head.

After processing, Winter helped rinse it out and then I was off to Sal's chair for the haircut! I wanted the partial head shaved on my right side with a design shaved into it and triangular layers everywhere! I did cut off the length just because  my ends were really split!

Jinaki holding the hair that was cut from my right side! She was in more shock than me when I got my haircut!
Sal did an awesome job and I really love it! He had a really cool technique of twisting the hair in a section and then taking the razor and just chopping it off, leaving the hair to fall in a nice textured layered look! I wish I couldve caught it on video but the camera was dead :(

So, here is the result! I had him shave a star with the clippers..I love stars...its a lil off and not porportional but I love it!

I didnt get to do the blue part at school because I bought a color from Chi at Cosmo Prof in "Real Blue" so when I got home, I did a couple of foils with the blue, I let it process for about half an hour and washed it out. Since I do have some "box" color on my hair, some of the old color did not lift, so that is why the blonde is not as light, so the blue only took to my new growth area, either way I love it.

Tell me what you think! I hope that you get inspired to do something amazing and out the box like I did!

Do what you love and the money will follow.