Its all a hustle

I get so frustrated sometimes about college. I have been going to school for a while now, so long in fact I should already have a bachelors. But of course, life isnt perfect, I have had struggles and issues and I have had to stop going to school many times, and have switched majors a couple times from fashion design, to fashion merchandising to graphic design.  I have attended 3 colleges: westwood online, the art institute of colorado, now a community college...oh and cosmetology school.

It seems like I am all over the place, but truth is, I am so interested in anything art related.  I wish I didnt switch schools, but I did what I had to. I dont want to complain, but I just want to vent. I am getting ready to sign up for summer semester.....I wish I could take a break but I will not get my GI Bill money, so in order for me to get that, I have to take at least 4 credits. I want to take an art class...since all I have been doing is math, english and history for the past 2 semester and I am getting a lil bored. hahahaha

I am going to take 2 classes this summer, which is better than 4 I guess, I just want to take maybe only one class, but they dont really have any 4 credit classes....only 3. I am taking intro to drawing, AGAIN, which I have taken twice already at two other schools, but since they are both private schools, they dont transfer to a public college. I am throwing the BS card on that.

People wonder how I got so good at drawing? Its because I had to retake the same classes over and over again. I feel like college is such a hustle sometimes. Like society tells you "you need to go to college" and you end up taking classes you dont need but you do anyways, and you go to transfer to another college, they say you can transfer some of your classes, and then they pull the rug from under you and say....."hahahahahaha just kidding" "you have to retake it, our college doesnt accept it".

Another hustle is buying school books, you spend like $400 on books and some instructors dont even use them.....uggghhhhh. lol

sorry I am ranting,, just had to get it out. On the positive side, I am staying busy, and I am working towards my day all this hard work will pay off. I might not see that yet, but I am taking a step further everyday.

My advice for this blog is...when youre frustrated...vent it out for 5 minutes, then let it go...give it to the universe...the universe will answer back, it all comes back in a good way, you just might not see it right away.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

Do what you love and the money will follow.