Nautical Inspired

I did these videos back to back...I wanted to show my makeup and also how I used the marcel iron as well. This look was really easy to create..from start to finish with makeup and hair, it only really took my about 40 minutes (and thats with day 2 hair).  I love this look! I wore it to go to a meeting for the makeup club at RKA. The makeup is a lil bold, ( i think its because the red color is in the inner eye and blends into the white and then the blue).

I wanted something different than the average "smokey eye".  I hope to focus in makeup along with fashion of course so I like to "look the part".  I want people to see what I can do so that they can come to me for their makeup needs :)

Enjoy! and have an awesome day!

Do what you love and the money will follow.