M.A.C. Backstage Pass

Are you a M.A.C. Addict? I am beginning to suspect that I am very well turning into one! I know, I know, it seems a lil late for someone to finally be getting into only one of the most best cosmetics line out there! Well, I guess its like they say "better late than never!"

A friend of mine and I got the chance to participate in an M.A.C. event, known as "Style It Up", held at a Nordstrom in our area.  It was a "VIP pass" to learning what the tips and tricks are that M.A.C. makeup artists use and what the trends are this summer.  I reserved my spot (which the spots had filled up fast! I made my reservation over the phone!) I had to pay for the class which was $50, but that money goes towards products you can get at the end of the class! So no worries there!

The whole event was fun! The artists were friendly and very informative and we learned 3 looks and the variety of some of the products that are a must for any makeup lover! Here are a few examples!

Photo courtesy of www.enjoy-your-style.com
For my purchase, I got Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum and MAC makeup remover wipes!

I had a great time with my friend, Banana (thats a nickname because she loves bananas!) indulging in our makeup addiction and we gained alot of great tips! We cant wait for the next one! For information on a class near you, just go to a M.A.C. counter and ask a rep on info for the next class!

I hope you are inspired and Surrender To your Inner Artist!

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