Model Meetings

This week, I have met up with 2 of my models that I will be working with on this photo shoot project I am doing for the Photo Stylist Contest at Paul Mitchell Academy. I am so excited that I even have the opportunity to do this and so are my models! I am actually working with girls that came into the school for appointments (so they are my guests/clients). The reason I wanted to use guests as my models because I want them to feel special and to feel like they are apart of something amazing!

I have decided that I will be entering in the makeup category of the contest, instead of hair, although I will be styling the hair as well. Instead of one main theme of makeup, I have also decided to do three separate themes. I figured, what the heck I want to be as creative as possible.

My 3 themes have all been inspired by some of these images:

You can pretty much guess what my themes are gonna be! I plan on using some fun pigments, glitter and airbrush makeup! I am so excited! I have also found a photographer which I will blog more about after I set up a meeting with her! I will be doing practice runs with hair and make up in the next few weeks, which I will make videos (tutorial time) for so you can see!

Thanks for stopping by to check it out, I have also started a personal blog, but I am still designing the image for it, but I have named it " A Single Star in a Galaxy" so stay tuned for that as well!

Peacocks and mermaids,
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