Pin Up Party

I spent my Labor Day getting ready for my birthday party that I made into a theme party. I found a dress on sale for $10 at Sears and then did my makeup and hair into a pinup style. But of course, I was in such a rush to get ready I forgot to take decent pics of it before I left. So, all I have are dark pics from inside :( so FAIL!
I didnt get a chance to show my makeup from the party, but here is my makeup from earlier in the day when we went shopping for my dress.

My makeup was similar to this except I used more pink and purple and did an exaggerated cat eye-the classic pinup eye!

I didnt think too many people would come because it was on a Monday and school started today for friends with lil ones, but I didnt want to have a party on a friday or saturday because I love spending time with my children, and plus, I wanted all the TOURISTS to go home already (no offense to non-locals) hahaha. But I just wanted to hang out and dance a lil. and I did.

Here are a few pics I managed to snap off a video camera.

Here is my dress I used for the Pin Up Party!

Jackie and I- her outfit was so frickin cute!  We didnt get any good pics of our outfits-it was too dark!

Jermie and I- you cant see my updo- but there are pin curls and a victory roll and of course flower accessories

My cousin Jessica and I with my hubby's hand....weird
The night was nice and wasnt too crowded. I just hung out with a few friends and had a good time.

With everything going on the past week, it felt like my birthday was a WEEK long celebration with the concert and my tattoo and then the party, I feel like I brought in my 28th year in style! I wonder how next year will be. This year is starting out great! It seems it can only get better from here. Good things are to come!

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me through my blog! I appreciate all my readers and hope you subscribe to stay updated on Sweet Surrender Art!

Quote of the day:

"Every story has an end. But in life every ending is just a new beginning."

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