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Stocking Up on Supplies

Yesterday went by in a big blur! A very exciting blur that left me tired and exhausted when I walked into my front door at midnight! I am not complaining because I love what I do. So, it’s a very satisfying exhaustion. Jinaki and I started our day bright and early at 730am to run a few errands and grab some supplies from the hair store and Ulta to stock up on supplies that have been running low in our kits. Two of my favorites that I stocked up on were NYX White eye shadow primer and a beauty blender sponge!




Speaking of supplies, I ordered a few things I needed from ebay too to add to my kit.


I ended up purchasing the Ben Nye Matte Foundation Pallete! I love their body paint, so I know I will love their foundations! This baby will come in good use for a few makeup gigs later this month for a play that Jinaki and I were invited to do makeup and hair at Willett Hall.


The lights burned out on my overhead projector, and I have been looking locally to find a replacement, but after searching various stores, I just went ahead and ordered some from online and it’s so much easier this way. I cant wait to get these, because I use my projector a lot when it comes to refining my tattoo designs.

Yesterday, we had some fierce wind and rain and when I say fierce…I mean, I was blown across the street heading into the photo studio! Our special client is a talented young woman who is a singer, songwriter and actress,Tia Rachelle. I cannot wait to show you more from the photoshoot but I cant yet until its released!

Since I cant show you those photos just yet, Ill show you a couple of photos from the past week or two.

Below: Jinaki, Myself and James Person


Below: Myself and Lance who is also apart of Roger Mitchell’s Motiontography helping to test out the lighting and to get in a behind the scenes shot.


Below: Miss Shannon Marie in another stunning shot with makeup done by me! How amazing does she look?!


It’s rounding midnight and I have an early appointment and I am ready to go to bed! I’m pretty tired since I woke up early to do a video shoot (but it got rescheduled) and I ended up just staying awake to go through emails, invoices and clean up my art studio!

Goodnight my friends and see you tomorrow for more random adventures!

Believing in yourself is the first secret to success.

If you ever want things to happen in your life, you have to first be willing to believe in yourself. One thing we have to learn in life is that we will make mistakes, we will do things wrong, but one of the worst things we can do when we do things wrong is to get so down on ourselves that we forget to keep pushing.

Pin Up Party

I spent my Labor Day getting ready for my birthday party that I made into a theme party. I found a dress on sale for $10 at Sears and then did my makeup and hair into a pinup style. But of course, I was in such a rush to get ready I forgot to take decent pics of it before I left. So, all I have are dark pics from inside :( so FAIL!
I didnt get a chance to show my makeup from the party, but here is my makeup from earlier in the day when we went shopping for my dress.

My makeup was similar to this except I used more pink and purple and did an exaggerated cat eye-the classic pinup eye!

I didnt think too many people would come because it was on a Monday and school started today for friends with lil ones, but I didnt want to have a party on a friday or saturday because I love spending time with my children, and plus, I wanted all the TOURISTS to go home already (no offense to non-locals) hahaha. But I just wanted to hang out and dance a lil. and I did.

Here are a few pics I managed to snap off a video camera.

Here is my dress I used for the Pin Up Party!

Jackie and I- her outfit was so frickin cute!  We didnt get any good pics of our outfits-it was too dark!

Jermie and I- you cant see my updo- but there are pin curls and a victory roll and of course flower accessories

My cousin Jessica and I with my hubby's hand....weird
The night was nice and wasnt too crowded. I just hung out with a few friends and had a good time.

With everything going on the past week, it felt like my birthday was a WEEK long celebration with the concert and my tattoo and then the party, I feel like I brought in my 28th year in style! I wonder how next year will be. This year is starting out great! It seems it can only get better from here. Good things are to come!

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me through my blog! I appreciate all my readers and hope you subscribe to stay updated on Sweet Surrender Art!

Quote of the day:

"Every story has an end. But in life every ending is just a new beginning."

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

UPROAR Festival

It has been like a week since I have posted- I am sorry all my readers. I have been so busy! I have lots to share!!!! I already gave you an update on the Super Service Day at Rudy and Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner School, but if you missed it, click here.

Wednesday, I found out that I was picked along with 7 other classmates to participate in Miss Uproar Beauty Pageant for the Uproar Festival to do hair and makeup on 8 models that were picked as well. It was such an honor to be picked to do a fun event. I had no idea that I would have so much fun. Rockstar Energy Drinks sponsored the event. At first, I wasnt even going to go to school for my birthday because that is when the concert would be. But I could not pass this opportunity up! What is funny that my husband and I were going to go to this concert anyways. Many bands that we like to listen to were gonna be there such as Avenge Sevenfold, Seether, Three Days Grace, The Art of Dying, Bullet for my Valentine and many more.

I was so excited that I was able to go even though I would be working.  Jermie (my hubby) took the day off for my birthday, so when we got to the Amphitheater on Thursday afternoon, we were able to get my husband in on the action as the "equipment Manager" hahahaha we made him carry all our makeup and hair kits. LOL! We got backstage passes!

Here we are with kits and makeup in tow walking up to the entrance!
They had everything set up for us backstage by all the tour buses. There was a tent, a cooler full of Rockstar energy drinks, two tables, 8 chairs, 5 mirrors and 2 fans that didnt really do anything! We all set up and got to work with half of us doing hair and the other half starting on makeup. It was pretty cool that we didnt plan it that way and we all just worked really good with each other!

We even had Alicia our own photographer there to snap away pictures!

My model, Leslie and I laughin away while I did her makeup. We just couldnt stop laughing!

Everybody hard at work despite the heat of being outside with no wind! We got though it though!
I had two models, Leslie and Sarah and then I painted a snake on Sara (there were 3 Sara's! )
Yours truly with Leslie my first model
My second Model Sara where we did a very pretty rainbow eyeshadow and posing with this yummy Rockstar drink which I usually dont drink energy drinks, but this one was pretty good, I drank like 4 of them!
Here is Sarah who asked that I draw a snake around her neck. I used liquid eyeliner and green and black eyeshadow!
After we finished the hair and makeup, we had an hour to kill while the models walked around showcasing their beauty.  We hung out and saw a few bands play.

We met back with the models and we were able to go onstage while The Art of Dying hosted the Miss Uproar Pageant. It was a lil weird being on stage in from of hundreds of people, but it was not a bad way to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!

Myself and my learning leader Samantha Vain backstage!
The Paul Mitchell Crew: From left to right: Jackie, Myself, Geneva, Devanne, Kim, Crystal, Ms. Debbie, Terry, Brant and Ms. Samantha

I couldnt resist a snapshot of us on stage! hehehehe
Well, I am gonna edit the backstage videos and post that when I am done! I will post more behind the scenes footage soon! I figured this post is large enough!

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Why, 7 is my Lucky Number

I decided what else better to do while stuck in the house waiting out a Hurricane than to enter a contest! I had alot of fun recreating this look and I hope you like it too! Please go and vote for me or should I say "Feed My EGO" for this NARS Contest! If you enter it too, I will go and vote for you!!!

Here is LOOK 7

And here is my recreation in various shots, but the first one is the one I entered!

This one I was standing outside the door looking out into the wind and rain from Hurricane Irene

I just uploaded it to the NARS website, you can go here and vote for me to win!

Thanks guys for all your support and for visiting my blog!

Quote of the day:

Every one of us is going to be a special person to someone we meet in our lives. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to grow up and find your Mr. or Mrs. right at the perfect age of 25. It may mean that by following your dreams or goals that you set up for yourself in life that you inspire a nation to do the same. It may mean that as a single father or mother, the most important subject(s) of your life your children will look at you as a superhero. It may mean that your ideas or inventions help the world from generations to come with the survival of those who inhabit it.

We may never truly know how much of an effect that we have had on this world to this day, but you should know that you are definitely important to the people around you, or else they wouldn't be around you. Even if we fail to realize it, as members of society we all are important to our society, and that if we choose to work hard and fight for what we know is right, we will be even more important to it!

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.