Atomic Turquoise

In all the craziness of this past weekend, I almost forgot to post about my new hair color(s). Here are the two Manic Panic Colors I chose to use:

I had lightened the crown of my head and fringe area where I wanted the Turquoise to go. After I washed the lightener out and dried my hair, I then applied the turquiose to the lightened area.

I sectioned off all my hair- I did this myself only because I am too impatient and I wanted to change the hair color already! hahaha

Here you can see where I lightened it.

Next, I applied the Raven over the red, and since this is a semi permanent, it is more like a glaze over the red and the affect is pretty cool. It looks black but in the sun is a deep black-red. It reminds me of a bird feather! Like an exotic blackish red feather.

I also freshened up the shaved side and Voila! Done! I got tired of the red since I had it for 6 months and wanted to go back to darker colors now that fall is kickin in. How do you like it?

And yes these are 3D glasses with the lens punched out! I dont know why but I love wearing them- there goofy and funny and add some spunk. I know I am a nerd hahahahah

How do you like it? I hope that this inspires you to experiment on colors too! I would love to see them if you could send them to me!

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One of these days you'll open up your eyes

And you'll realize"

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