If you have ever seen vans driving down the highway with INVISIBLE CHILDREN on it, or been to a school or institution that has had INVISIBLE CHILDREN as a speaker, then you would know what an amazing foundation this is. If you have not had the honor of meeting people from this organization, then let me take a moment to tell you who they are and what they do.

At Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy, we had the priveledge of having representatives from INVISIBLE CHILDREN come to our school this week and the experience has changed my life and many others as well.

It is hard for me to put into words all the things going on in Uganda and parts of Congo in Africa. When these volunteers came they presented a video of Tony's story. Watch this below and share what we experienced while watching this. I cannot embed it on my blog, but you can go to this link and watch the entire video. It is 45 minutes long.

I am not writing about this for my own personal gain, I was just very touched by this and wanted to share.

Some people may not care what is going on outside of the US, but as an army veteran, I have seen things in Iraq that is forever apart of me. I have seen young children and women holding guns and rifles and to know that other humans, men, women, boys, girls, children are being taken out of their homes at night and forced to fight against their own people. That affects me in a HUGE way.

I wish I could do more as far as donating, but for now, I will just bring awareness. I do plan on joining a team locally to help raise money for this. I am glad that OBAMA has sent 100 advisors into Africa to help access the situation. I am in no way political, but this  again, I just had to write about it. 

Here are a few pics below of when they came to our school
we got to meet Stella who is from Northern Uganda and she shared her story with us

Merchandise for sale, with proceeds going to help Invisible Children expand the radio alert system to warn villages of the LRA who are abducting women and children

These bags are made by the men and women of Northern Uganda

Each bracelet is made in N. Uganda and each color represents someone's story. I got the white one, who represents Innocents story

The next day after they came, I went to Cafe Mocha and the whole team was there working and drinking coffee. I chit chatted with them and also bought a pin for my blazer. They are really inspirational.

I am not asking that you donate or anything, I just want you to watch the video and just be aware of whats happening around the world.

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