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I once worked at a custom airbrush shop back in Colorado and I loved every second I was there. I did learn some really cool techniques and did a lil bit of graphic and fashion design. That is where I learned to airbrush and played with alot of paint and color.

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I have been doing alot of graphic makeup and regular makeup applications, but there is alot of creativity and freedom in body painting. Yes, I said body painting. A month or two ago, I met someone who does body painting full time, and after talking to him and seeing his work, it inspired me that I wanted to do more body paint too. In Colorado, we had many clients come in to get their bodies airbrushed or painted for mainly football games, but also holidays.

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A couple weeks ago, after a client seen some of my work, offered me to work with her for a show where I can paint 3 models. Of course I said yes! I am super excited since it is so much fun to do body painting. I love to see my art on people even if it is not permanent (YET, hahahaha)

I just ordered my body paint this morning and cannot wait for it to come in. In case anyone reading this is wondering where do you even get body paint from, well, keep reading because I will share with you!

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There are many different brands you can use for body painting. What you want to look for is paint that is not going to rub off easily from sweat of rubbing. You can find body paint in any party or halloween store, but I find that to be a lil messy at times.

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I have used Ben Nye Magicolor before and really found it to work best. There are many colors to choose from and has versatility to it. I can take a paint brush, or a sponge and apply it to the body or I can thin it with the Ben Nye Finisher Seal and use it in an airbrush, which is nice!

International Fun Shop
I really liked this website because of the variety of products, the price is not too bad and that they have served many celebrities, shows, movies and more. (You can check out more here for media)

I just ordered some body paint in white, black, red, yellow and blue. I can mix any color I may need from there. But  I am not getting paid to mention this site, I just wanted to share with you where I bought my makeup from so you can check it out! There are even tutorials on their website to help explain how to apply some of the makeup. You can sign up also to receive coupons or discounts through your email.

Once again, here is their website- check it out.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this inspires you to do some body painting if you havent already!

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