VA Fashion Week Urban Night

This past week and last week, VA Fashion Week has been taking place, and I wasnt able to go to the main shows which are on Saturday, I was able to squeeze in going last thursday evening. VA Fashion Week has been going on for about 4 years. I actually met the producer and her daughter who run it and they told us a bit about it since I only knew just a lil. (we sat right next to them in the front)

You can check out more at their website:

Jermie came along with me and we made it a date night. We sat up front and had perfect seats, the way it was set up is that the models would come down the escalator, walk the runway, then go back up the escalator. They had a dj and sponsors for the event.

The  only thing I didnt like was that other people could see where the curtain wasnt and they were quite distracting. But other than that, I enjoyed it. They showcased a few main stores such as DTLR (Down Town Locker Room) and IDentity. Greek Fashions which is local showed and I have to say I liked alot of their graphic Tee's.

Another designer who made leggings had some interesting designs which some of which I wanted to buy right there on the spot!!!! I wished I had heard her name or company but the music was so loud and so was the microphone I couldnt hear. And I guess it doesnt help that I am partially deaf as well.

 This is from the website of three of the designers that I really liked:

Issa Bolden/Greek Fashion (Portsmouth)
Issa Bolden Issa Bolden was born in Portsmouth Va in 1981, and attended Norfolk State University and TCC, where he received a degree in Web design and Video Production. Issa has been a Professional Videographer for over 6 years. He always wanted to start a clothing line, 2 years ago he made that happen. In 2009 Issa started his Greek Fashion Graphic T shirt line. Since then, his designs have been featured in two fashion shows with the help of partners Dionne Bass and Danielle Bass. And in November of 2011 he will be showcasing the Greek Fashion line and some hand made Pieces in both VA Fashion Week's Urban Show and in the Lawrence Brothers Hair and Fashion show.

Brennan Crick/International Rebel Club (Newport News)
Brennan Crick, aka Cr1k is from Newport News Va. This young artist in a graphic design world started off as a graphic designer. Currently Designing for AKOO (T.I.'s clothing line) also designed for other urban brands such as Playcloths, Azzure, shmack, and Imperial Junkie. From there, knowledge was gained to have the resources to come out with an independent clothing brand. With screen printing as a background, Cr1k built his own screen printing press and stared International Rebel Club clothing out of his garage. Rebel Club is a brand of independence and following no boundaries or rules of fashion. No trends or fads. A street wear brand that has a statement that says "we answer to No One"

Crystal Woodard/LEGTALKINC (NY-VA)
Crys Woodard is the owner/designer of LEGTALKINC llc ~New York. Crystal knew at she was destined to be a fashion label owner. In 2007 She moved to Atlanta GA were she attended Bauder College and came up with the concept of making glamorous and fun simply designed-but stunning leggings for women. During her stay in Atlanta she would make party dresses for special clients there, one, which includes Lisa Wu from Atlanta Housewives. Over time she took a much greater liking to making herself fabulous leggings to wear out to enjoy Atlanta’s nightlife, something cute and simple-which describes her style. She then took her business up North to New York in 2009 and that’s where she received her first wholesale order and has been booming every since. LEGTALKINC is now carried in different boutiques in Texas, NY, GA and now Mississippi. Gaining the attention of a few industry socialites like Tae Hackard and Lola Monro (just to name a few of our clients) we are continuing to provide excellence in style with our brand! LEGTALKINC LLC is an upscale brand that displays its identity to its buyers/clients by offering high-end fashionable leggings. We take pride in how our leggings are designed. The prints, style and fit are fabulous! This is our slogan >>> “We are a Lifestyle! Live it…”

For the rest of the show......

There was a hair and makeup competition, which  wasnt too bad I must say. It definetly makes me want to enter for next year (which I will be!) There was an accesories designer too who made earrings out of fabric and other crafts. It mas my gears turning to enter not only for hair and makeup but for possibly a clothing line. We will see though- I cant always do everything at once. hahahaha

After the show, we walked around the art exhibit that was nearby and I snapped a few photos:

Look at this HUMUNGOUS BOOT!!!!

Thats a BIG BANANA!!!
Someone is SERIOUSLY addicted here. LOL
Look at this glittery GIANT paintbrush!!!! This would be an awesome statue in my front yard, what do you think???
That was my lil trip to Waterside, Norfolk last week. I am glad I got to go, I was able to meet some local boutique owners and models and photographers. I am already running out of my business cards. Time to go order some more!

Thanks for coming with me on my trip! Hope to see you again soon!

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