Graduating already???

I started Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy in January earlier this year.  I have said this before and I will say it again, Hair is not my Passion, at least not at first. I have been a geeked out artist most of my life, my first love has always been fashion and following that Design. I have studied fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion retail management, interior design and graphic design.

Pic from 2006 when I was in school for Fashion Merchandising
But mind you, I have never completed any of my degree programs, not because I didnt want to, but like so many of my readers have experienced, Life gets in the way and puts plans on pause.
I have had to start over my life so many times throughout my journey to find myself and to find what I was passionate for. All I knew was that I loved ART, in all shapes and forms. I was in the military and have worked in various other fields and I just never felt like I was doing what I loved.

My first love: Fashion (like my lil avatar? hahahaha)
Some people would view me as a dreamer, or undecided, or lost and drifting artist because I want to do so many things. I think I am ambitious, I want to incorporate all my loves and passion and combine them all to be the ultimate artist and share my art with the world.

I have grown alot over the past year and have rediscovered myself all over again and have awakened the resting artist inside. Attending this school has changed my life in more ways than one. I didnt view this school as just a way to pass time, or just to do something with myself because I was bored.

I viewed this school as a second chance in life, a way to redeem myself since I felt like a failure for not finishing college (I dont feel like that anymore (:  ) 

The first of our class graduated this past saturday and the rest of us will be following within the next month or two. I graduate next month and I am excited to move onto the next chapter.
So, here is a quick 5 minute video of a brief slideshow of some of my classmates and I.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing this with me.

Surrender to Your Inner Artist