12 hour Photo Shoot Day!

Artists: SIREN and SOPE

I was invited to go to a photoshoot yesterday with a local body painter/graffiti artist named SOPE to assist in painting a few models for ICON Limosines that is doing a Calender Photo Shoot to showcase all their fabulous Limos! (see more at http://www.rideiconlimo.com/ )

Tidewater's Only Pink Hummer Limo
The shoot started out at 8am and finished around 7:45pm, so it was ALL Day! Food and music was provided for a fun atmosphere in the graffiti filled workspace of the INKY DINX Studio, where the shoot was held. http://www.inkydinxprinting.com/

There is a PARTY BUS too!
 There were about 10 models or more- after a while, I lost count. I was mainly there to do body painting- but I brought all my kits with me- JUST IN CASE- and I am glad that I did. I ended up helping out with hair and makeup- a TRIPLE THREAT! hahaha

There was alot of body painting with topless models for each month- I wont show too many pictures, but I did manage to take a few while working- I really didnt have time.

Thats all I will show for a sneak peek- will have to wait for a calender to see the rest!

This coming weekend, I will be doing body painting for the Lawrence Brothers Hairshow for an amazing stylist! More on that to come next week!

Thanks for stopping by as always!

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