Ni'Jai Photography Team

After I worked the Lawrence Brothers Hairshow, I was able to tap into a network of other Makeup Artists, stylists, photographers and models where everybody is able to show his or her work, photos, bounce ideas off one another and sort of form a family together in this ever-changing industry in our lil neck of the woods we call the 757, Hampton Roads, Virginia.

A photographer by the name of Aaron Ni'Jai approached me and wanted to see if I would be apart of the team with other artists, ranging from  stylist, makeup artist, nail tech, wardrobe stylist, graphic designer and photographer. Aaron has worked with other photographers, and one valuable piece of advice was to have a reliable team working with you.

Many of us have worked on a job or a shoot where we are thrown in with other artists and stylists, and people are not prepared, or do not work well with others, or do not listen to what the client wants. I know I have worked on a few projects where other people were not prepared and I had to pick up the slack.

I loved the idea that Aaron had, to have a team, a family who has many talents and can have a cohesive group of people who can rock it out!

Most of us got a chance to meet up with one another last weekend at a Panera Bread and exchange ideas. I love it that we all met because I love to meet other professionals motivated in their passionate craft. They say that "You are who you surround yourself with". I love to surround myself with positive, creative people.

Aaron Ni'jai FACEBOOK

Le'louch Vi Giovanni FACEBOOK
Wardrobe Stylist. Image Consultant

Bryant Murphy: FACEBOOK
Hair Stylist. Event Planner. Chef

Cecilia Marie
Makeup Artist. Hair Stylist. Body Painter. Artist

Talya Pennant FACEBOOK
Stylist. Fashion Blogger

Jasmine Cross FACEBOOK
Nail Tech. Makeup Artist

There are other members that I have not met as of yet, but I wanted to introduce my viewers to some fabulous and talented artists that I will be working with in the near future!

I tried to link everyone and their pages so you can check out everyones work.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you are in the 757 area- you can contact anyone of this group for any photoshoot ideas or your beauty needs!

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