I cant believe it! On Jan 11, 2011, earlier this year, I started my journey at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy to learn more about the beauty industry and hair, color, cutting, makeup, skin care and so much more. This time last year I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, I felt I had no options. Now that I am done, I feel like I have unlimited options of what I can do in this career.

Today I graduated at 5:15pm and I cant believe it! I cant even begin to process it! I still have to take my state boards and get licensed but this is just one step closer to achieveing that!

I have met so many inspiring people, not just learning leaders on staff but other future professionals as well, and I hope that I have inspired others as well. I started out unsure of myself and why I was even in hair school when I am a fashion major and artist, but I found that I can combine all my passions into one. I dont have to limit myself to just one option.

As I practiced more and more on all my crafts, I became more confident in myself and what I can accomplish. Its just an amazing feeling to do something you love and for others to enjoy it as well.

In high school, I attended Fashion Design at Votech, and I had loved it soooo much, not just because of what I learned, but of who I met and the friendships I made. Going here is a similar experience for me. Life is really about the people you meet. You come to realize who are truly friends and who are not.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling, I hope that everyone has a pleasant experience while attending school. I was never one to get involved in drama, because life is too short for that and I dont have time! I know I am throwing out some cheesy quotes, but it really is true!

I just wanted to share  this amazing day with you!!!! Thank you for stopping by!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist