Guest Speakers

Steve and Terry Cowan are owners of the Paul Mitchell Academy in Chicago. They are also the main distributers of Paul Mitchell in Illinois. Rudy and Kelly Academy welcomed them with open arms to hear them speak to us all, future professionals and learning leaders.

I tried to sit up front as much as possible, I was in the second row, and sorry if you hear my laughing and side comments and see funny faces from friends at school. hahahaha

I just loved the intro of their presentation and their inspiring stories and words of widsom. I am really glad I was able to meet them especially before graduating, and speaking of which I graduate next week. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ok, on to the videos.

There are three videos that I edited, since for some reason I cannot load videos longer than 15 minutes although I had the access to for a while. But oh well, I divided it up, and editing them as fast as I can even though I am not really taking out anything, just adding a title and credits. Its just my movie editor takes forever to save and then upload onto youtube. hahahaha So here is the second video

I only recorded about half of their presentation, only because for 1. My hand started getting tired :( and for 2. Time was running out and they had to speed up their presentation. I do want to say that their visit reminded me why I chose this industry to get into. I love the beauty industry. You meet so many awesome and inspiring people.

I was supposed to post this last week, but I got busy, so here it is. Even if you are not a hair stylist, these two are just hilarious and you can appreciate humor! :)

I hope you enjoy and come back soon!

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