Sunset Inspired Hair

One of my clients stopped by last night for me to do her hair anyway I wanted to do.  I love when I get a chance to do wild, funky hair! Its just my absolute favorite. I usually dont plan out how I am going to a color placement until its time to part the hair. Once I have the vision in my head, I go to work taking care to not mix the wrong colors together.

I have been inspired by the sunset lately and all the colors the sky turns while the sun is drifting away and the moon starts to peek out in the night sky.

Here are a few pictures of when I was blow drying and then curling her hair. She loved it, as well as everyone else who was watching me do her hair! Hope you like it and tell me what you think!
I used Joico Colors available at Cosmo Prof
I dont why I look so serious...I guess I am concentrating!
I love the way all the colors look when curling hair!
Her hair kinda resembled tropical flavored skittles....I almost wanted to eat her hair. hahahaha

I love this so much, I am tempted to do this to my hair, but then my client wouldnt be the only one rockin this style. And I dont copy any style even if it is one I created for someone else. hahaha

I wanted to share with my viewers of course all the types of art I am involved with! Hope you enjoy this latest piece of art. Hope to see you soon!