Grad Ceremony and Moving

Yesterday was raining pretty bad. I left work early so I could get ready to attend my Aunt's Graduation Ceremony for Thomas Nelson Community College. I wanted to stop by the grand opening of a CATO store that just opened up in Norfolk, but the way the rain was coming down and all the traffic...because you know people do not know how to drive in rain...let alone DRIVE AT ALL! hahahaah  Ill have to go to CATO this weekend sometime.

Im so proud of my Aunt Beth, she has been back in college for a couple years and she worked so hard too. She would call me up to help her with her math I could actually remember....hahaha
The whole family went to watch her walk across and receive her certificate and degree diploma (she has two majors I think).

 While we were waiting for her to go across the stage, we were getting a lil snap happy with our Aunt Dale and my cousin, Marina.

For my was really cute, and half of it I borrowed from my mom's closet! hahaha My mom and I have different styles but we like alot of the same things! She was surprised that the sweater I was wearing was hers! hahaha I paired this outfit with my favorite silver glitter shoes I got from Charlotte Russe.

Jermie and I finished up our packing tonight that we were too tired to do last night. Luckily Jermie works at Target, so he got us these HUGE boxes....and we came home and did Speed shouldve seen Jermie just throwing clothes and shoes and whatever was nearby into boxes.....hahahaha.

I already got two of my packages...the chair and the portable it was perfect timing since were getting a uhaul truck tomorrow. Im so excited that Jermie and I are going to be in our place. We have always had roomates or shared a home with other people....and its time we had our own place!

I need to get to bed since I am going into work early so I can leave early! So good night and I hope you had a great week! If youre having a rough day like I did today....just remember..its only temporary and whatever problems you are stressing about, let them go. Everything will work out on its own.

"How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than you are making them feel good about you."~Dan Reiland