Graduation Gifts

I graduated from the Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy back in December last year and then had the ceremony in March. Since my mom is in the military and was still in Korea at the time, she missed my proud moments and our celebration.  I know she would have been there if she could and I know that she is proud of me. But she totally surprised me on Sunday by wanting to get me a few graduation presents. Isnt that sweet?

Hugging one of my learning leaders when I graduated
I dont work in a salon, but I do still take clients on a freelance basis. Oh, I totally forgot to tell you that hubby and I got a new apartment! (Off Subject for a minute- mom and I went and checked it out on saturday and went ahead and signed a lease, were moving this weekend. YAY!!!) So, now that I will have space to work on my creations.....Mom thought it was a good idea to help get with a few things so I can do hair and makeup out of my home a lil easier. If you have done anyones hair at home, you know the space, hard to rinse hair out, no cool hydrolic chair.....well now that I will have more room so I plan on making a lil beauty station..and also a room to do my drawing, painting and sewing. I am sooo excited!

Here is what we picked out! All ordered from! And at a decent price! Ill include links just in case you wanna check them out.

A black salon hydrolic chair! I can use this baby for styling, coloring and doing hair, doing makeovers, a tattoo chair, and of course a chair for me to make my videos or paint and draw! This chair was only $75 and then shipping too. Click HERE for the link!

A portable washing sink/bowl! This will make it so much easier to rinse out hair color or bleach instead of having my client stoop over my kitchen sink with a towel over their face. hahaha (One day I will have my own salon studio) This easy adjustable sink is only $50...Alot cheaper than other websites I was stalking. Click HERE for the link!

Next is a trolley or cart, however you want to call it. hahaha. This is perfect so I can store all my supplies like all my makeup sponges, cotton balls,towels, orange sticks, manicure and pedicure stuff, hair combs, clips, I can store all sorts of goodies! Can you tell how geeked out I am about it???? This cart is only $45. Click HERE for the link!

And last but not least, I slipped in a tattoo kit in there. Well, technically I am paying for this, but my mom went ahead and just paid for it since I dont get paid for another week since I was out last week for my recovery. This tattoo kit is not top quality I am sure, but its enough to get me started and familiar with everything and practice on some fruit and fake skin. You dont even know how excited I am. This kit is only $60 with free shipping! Click HERE for the link!

The shampoo bowl and the kart has already shipped and Im so excited to get them. I am already trying to imagine what my lil studio space will look like. I want to get a small dresser or something to make my station and then do a DIY project to spice it up. Something cool like this for inspiration:

What do you think? These are all cute ideas! And easy to do! A perfect summer project!

This week is turning out great and its getting better and better. This weekend I was invited to do hair for a few models for a Photography Lighting Class, which is great because I have been wanting to get back into the photography scene in the Hampton Roads area and get back to networking. I miss doing photoshoots, so this timing is perfect! Now all I need to do is reorder more business cards! So much to do, this month is just flying by!

"I may not be the prettiest, smartest or strongest, but at least I'm me, and don't pretend to be someone that I'm not meant to be."- Unknown