Motorworld Go Karts Fun

Jermie and I took the kids last friday night out to have some fun since the weather was really nice. We grabbed some junkfood at Mickey D's ( Mcdonalds) to get some food in our stomachs. I know I know, not very healthy, but I am a junk food junky and I love their fries and chicken nuggets-so leave me alone. hahaha

Jermie trying to figure out Matthias's toy.
I had to sneak a cheesy photo in here somewhere

Then we made our way down the street to Motorworld, which is connected to Ocean Breeze waterpark, but its not open yet. Motorworld is a place I used to go as a kid with my family. There's go karts, kids rides, minature golf, paintball and water bumper boats. We only had an hour since they close when it gets the summer they are open later of course for tourist season. We got the kids wristbands that lets them ride all the kid stuff unlimited for an hour.

I think Matti is gonna grow up to race cars or bikes...anything that is fast. He loved it so much
Bella gokart was a lil jerky and kept going fast at random times. I caught this and it just makes me laugh. She loved it too!
It was their first time doing go karts...which I am surprised their dad hasnt taken them, but it was definetly fun to share this with the kiddos and the hubby!

 I didnt get a chance to catch Jermie driving the really really fast carts because I was too busy with the kiddos....but I am sure we will be back again sometime this summer and I will catch him driving on the Euro Track.

Theres lots of fun things were hoping to do this summer, this is just the beginning. What kind of summer fun do you and your family have planned this year? I would love to hear! Please leave a comment!