Antique and Thrift Stores

I love finding treasures. The past couple of years, I took an interest in finding cool stuff in antique and thrift stores. Yesterday was a lil rainy and cloudy, so the kiddos and I went to the Antique store. Matthias and I went a while back, it was his first time going and he absolutely loved it. He was excited on the way there. Arabella on the other hand never been before and mysteriously "didnt feel good" as soon as we got there.

I loved this 1950's vintage dress with this hat. I wanted to get it so bad, but we were only looking today.

I fell in love with this lavender living room set. hahahaha There was alot more stuff this time around than before especially furniture. I was also surprised how crowded it was, normally its so quiet and usually barely any kids are there.

Matti ran into the camera as I was admiring the table behind him

I have had my eye on this for a long time and she wont sell it...its for "display only" I HATE THIS!!!!!!

Matthias thought this was sooo cool. Do you remember these? I used to have a red one!
Vintage sewing kit I found

Look at this adorable kids chaise lounge!!!!!

Humungo Pirate ship!!!!
Old Schooldesk, it matched his Captain America Shield

For some weird reason I love this white and blue chair and the painting on the wall.
The kiddos went to their sisters birthday party, and I got an oil change and then cruised over to a few thrift store. I found a few things.

Photobucket I love the star print shirt and the glittery striped shirt. The patterns are for Bella so I can teach her how to sew. She is so excited for me to teach her. I found this super hero picture frame for Matthias and then these two angel wall decorations that I plan on repainting here soon. Maybe a DIY project.

What kind of treaures do you find when you go to antique and thrift stores? Anything awesome, weird or cool?