I just spent 3 hours trying to get this wireless router to work. After all that, it still doesnt work. My mom gave it to me last night, since she found it in her shipment from Korea, and she just told me it doesnt work...and in my head I'm like "then why did you give it to me???"

Another photo of my new hair color :) more vibrant this time
I cant complain though, I still have to buy one, but at least I tried it first. I did get a few boxes full of household stuff that we desperately needed that mom gave us that she bought in Korea. Now that she is back home, she doesnt need two of everything. Can we say SCORE?!?!?!

We got more glasses, bowls, cookware, a rice cooker (yes, I'm filipino, gotta have a rice cooker!!) a toaster, rugs....its just nice to get settled and know where everything is in our place. Were picking up our dining room table tomorrow which will be nice to sit comfortably and eat.

As I'm sitting here, I wanted to start looking online for living room inspiration photos for when were all settled, I want our place to look retro and eclectic. Here are some cool photos I found on Pintrest of course.

As you can see, I got carried away on Pintrest, but I gotta say this last photo has ME written all over it! I want this room! I cannot wait to be able to decorate my house the way I really want to. What do you want your dream house to look like???

Unpacking boxes and ricecookers,