Thrift Store Finds

I used to hate going into thrift stores when I was younger. Or I went through phases when I loved them, then hated them. I don't know why. Just a weirdo I guess. But lately, I've been on a thrift store kick, wanting to go to every single one I pass on the street. This month, I have found some pretty cool things. 

I found this reprint of a Vincent Van Gogh painting stacked behind 20 other frames. The price tag on the back said it was originally $299.00  and I only paid $7! It goes perfect with my living room colors.

I found these vintage glasses (the pic is not very good...the lighting in my kitchen SUCKS!) in a light green for $4.  There are 2 coffee mugs that have sheet music on them that I had to snatch up. Then, on the far right are three vintage canisters in a bright green..that now hold pasta, sugar and rice. I love these and they brighten up the kitchen!

This electric vaporizer is actually something my hubby picked up from the antique store. We were there for an hour and he found this stuffed somewhere. He loves finding cool, retro stuff too.

Last week, we found a new secondhand store and in the front was this awesome HUMUNGO gumball machine. I was drooling all over this..this would be cool to have in my future store. This was priced for $400. How amazing would this be to have??? Or convert it into a fishtank...hahahahah

At another place, we found some good finds. Jermie found some house speakers in good condition that he has been on the hunt for lately.  Jermie found this projector on the floor next to the speakers.  I know what youre what the hell am I gonna do with a projector? Well, I was planning on making my own lightbox so I can trace designs and teach the kids how to trace. Projectors are also good for making murals on walls or making sure a big design can transfer onto a bigger canvas.

I'm planning on sprucing this up by painting it...Ill try to blog about it. Better yet, Im planning on starting up my  videos again on youtube. My mom surprised me with a new laptop, so I will be back to blogging. Also, I keep getting asked how to start a blog up, so I'm planning on making a post and a video on it. :) What do you think? Any thoughts?