Videography With Kreative Thinking

Happy Tuesday! Even though Tuesday is pretty much over for most people, it’s actually just beginning for me, since I am mainly a night owl. I like to say that I am nocturnal.
Yesterday was a pretty eventful and productive day for us members of Kreative Thinking Apparel that are here in Virginia.
Above from left to right: Samicka, Myself, CEO Antwane and Shikerra
I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but our whole crew is doing a documentary on who are the faces behind Kreative Thinking Apparel, what we are and what we do. We’ve been working with a videographer in our area and most of us girls went ahead and knocked out our portion of the interview section for the video. Here are some of the behind the scenes. Some interviews were held at a music studio where we have changed our venue for our Fashion show coming up in June. I had my interview in my studio (aka my dining room!)
(whats cool is that I met Levi from the recording group: Blackstreet. I couldn’t help but sing No Diggity and Don’t Leave-my fav songs by them) How do you like my rain boots???? hahahaha
Here is a better picture of my hair that I changed to Pink and purple!
I actually did my makeup real nice! lol most days I am drawing so I don’t bother but of course for a video…gotta put on my face hahahaha
After our video interviews, we all headed out to grub at a local mexican restaurant which hit the spot!
I cant wait for the video to be done and will show all of us! It’s going to be great!
I have tons of work to do, so I will get back to drawing! Thanks for stopping by!
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