Unique Conversion Houses

Lately, I have been hooked on watching the DIY network, or HGTV. I love all the shows on there because not only do I get design inspiration but I also learn a lot from these networks. When I was younger, I would always rearrange my room or diagram out how I would decorate. I was always drawing my house. My mom always said when I was younger, she could picture me as an interior designer or a fashion designer. I remember having a drafting table when I was like 8. Maybe she was preparing me for the future. haha Who has a drafting table that young?



While in college, I did switch my major to Interior Design only for 6 months. And I only tried it for 6 months because I loved fashion more. I did manage to take a few design classes and drafting which I did like, but not the kind of drawing I wanted to do. While I love drawing crisp, straight lines, I like making my own lines better. I love walking into a space and picturing how I would decorate and design it. I think of interior design as a hobby more than a profession. Can you call it a hobby? Well, I am.

I was watching a show called “You live in a what?” and it kicked my aspirations into high gear! I have never been a cookie cutter type of person. I never lived in a huge house or had the perfect room, but I always made whatever space I was living in my own and unique. I have had so many different types of bedrooms/ houses. It had me thinking though, when I finally do buy a house, why should I settle for some house already made to someone else’s dream or specifications. This show explored home owners who took an abandoned building, church, barn, water tower, whatever and they converted them into homes for them and their families.

I think when I finally do settle down and buy a house, I think I would love to take something old and forgotten and convert into a creative and unique space to call home. Check out some of these conversions I found!


This one above is my favorite only because I have an obsession with old firehouses and when I envision one for myself, this is one is pretty close to what I imagine. It even has an art studio!



How cool is this? It looks as if the plane was wrecked and landed and someone set up house! hahaha


I love the exposed ceiling and industrial look. I love the idea of one big studio with an open concept.


This was an old church, reconstructed into a house with a fun addition added on. I love how the contrast is so dramatic with the white and black/gray.


Can you imagine having this beautiful glass window and the light that shines through it?


This is a converted water tower in London! I love the big windows and the brick detail.


This space was converted into a huge closet . I love the spiral staircase too!


I normally don’t really like barns, but I love how this was converted. It looks very warm and inviting.


Here is another warehouse conversion with a cute garden outdoor space.


The cobblestone fireplace/kitchen is so beautiful and compliments this space and really makes this stand out.


What I Like most about this conversion is that the owners kept the original painted company logo. It adds texture and personality to this factory conversion.

I hope I can find something to convert in the future. I would prolly have to venture out of Virginia Beach to find something with enough character to transform into my dream home. Until then, I will just keep dreaming.

xoxox, Cecilia