Les Chiq Amandes Artisanal Confections and Gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolate and candy? I know I do! I received some yummy samples from Les Cinq Amandes, an Artisanal Confections and Gifts Company based in Stamford, CT! You can click on the pictures or the link to go to their website http://the5almonds.com/
Their Website is named the5almonds after the long standing tradition of good luck that the number 5 was how many confections was given to a guest. The 5 also stands for the number of wishes: Happiness, Health, Peace, Love and Longevity. These gifts are traditional for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and parties.
These luxurious candies are perfect for any occasion like birthdays, baby showers, reunions, or anyone with a sweet tooth like me!
I was sent some candy coated chocolates, like the picture below and I have to say they are rich in flavor, addicting and left me wanting more! They were a perfect addition to my coffee break!
What make Les Chiq Amandes so different is that they use the finest ingredients to create special hand made chocolate and candy. They offer many collections and their designer chocolates are hand painted for that extra touch of class.
Not only do they have chocolate and candy, but they carry a variety of collections that have fruit, nuts, caramel, and even tiramisu!
Here is the best part, Les Chiq Amandes gave all my readers a 10% discount code to use at check out!

Here is the code!  HOLIDAY10
If you don’t like any of their collections or gift sets, you do have the chance to create your very own gift set, customized to your liking! I will definitely be ordering some chocolate gifts for Valentines Day coming up! Make sure to check them out!
Thanks for stopping by!
xoxoxox, Cecilia
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