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Les Chiq Amandes Artisanal Confections and Gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolate and candy? I know I do! I received some yummy samples from Les Cinq Amandes, an Artisanal Confections and Gifts Company based in Stamford, CT! You can click on the pictures or the link to go to their website
Their Website is named the5almonds after the long standing tradition of good luck that the number 5 was how many confections was given to a guest. The 5 also stands for the number of wishes: Happiness, Health, Peace, Love and Longevity. These gifts are traditional for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and parties.
These luxurious candies are perfect for any occasion like birthdays, baby showers, reunions, or anyone with a sweet tooth like me!
I was sent some candy coated chocolates, like the picture below and I have to say they are rich in flavor, addicting and left me wanting more! They were a perfect addition to my coffee break!
What make Les Chiq Amandes so different is that they use the finest ingredients to create special hand made chocolate and candy. They offer many collections and their designer chocolates are hand painted for that extra touch of class.
Not only do they have chocolate and candy, but they carry a variety of collections that have fruit, nuts, caramel, and even tiramisu!
Here is the best part, Les Chiq Amandes gave all my readers a 10% discount code to use at check out!

Here is the code!  HOLIDAY10
If you don’t like any of their collections or gift sets, you do have the chance to create your very own gift set, customized to your liking! I will definitely be ordering some chocolate gifts for Valentines Day coming up! Make sure to check them out!
Thanks for stopping by!
xoxoxox, Cecilia
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Hot Pink and Red

I totally had a scattered brain moment earlier today. I totally thought it was still January, even though I know its February. I feel so scatterbrained all the time. Its about to be Valentines Day soon. I just mailed off my package to the other lovely blogger, Kerri I am swapping with(I know I should’ve a week ago, my apologies if your reading) I blame it on my scattered brain! You can check her blog out at Beauty and Things. I cant wait until she sees what I got her and when I get her package, I will blog and video it as well.

So, speaking of the most celebrated day of love, I have been saving images I come across that would be cute for Valentines Day whether they are outfits, shoes or gifts. I know most people don’t know what to get someone for this “holiday” but all you gotta do is pay attention. Depends on the person, but for me, I’m pretty simple. Candy is nice, flowers are a plus, a kitty, books, makeup, shopping spree, candles….art supplies….hahaha I am still hung up on getting a kitty. I love dogs too, don’t get me wrong, but I am more of a cat person. I still want to adopt this kitty, if she is still at the shelter.


Ugh. I’m getting off topic. Back to Vday and cute gift ideas. Here are a few I found:


This chair is awesome! What girl wouldn’t want this? I found this Pin Up Passion



These pink and red shoes and awesome! I have some favs! Like those pink skull lita looking boots. These can be found at



I keep hearing great reviews on these lipsticks! I am loving all these colors, especially the Oh La Lilac.


Check out these Pink Box Tool Boxes! Ive seen these babies in salons, tattoo shops, mechanic shops and everywhere online. I would love to have these babies in art studio! They also come in Lime green and now in Purple. They should make them in Tiffany’s Blue Color! Check them out Original Pink Box.


A lil creepy, but cool, A Jello Heart mold! Would you make this? or is it too gory? Found on


I found some cute guys stuff, well let me not say cute when referring to men. hahaha I found some cooooooool things from this website!


Don’t forget about the kiddos- basically anything with sugar they will love, but if you wanna try something different, here is a cookie bouquet by Cookies By Design


This card is soooo cute! I love traditional tattoo art and this is perfect. Check this out on Etsy


This would be perfect for any funky style girl (ahem, me! ) I have a thing for infinity scarves and this is pretty cute! Found on Etsy


You know my infatuation with galaxies and stars, this ring is beautiful. Found on Etsy

I hope this has inspired you for this years Valentines Day! What are you favorite gifts? or what are you planning on getting your loved ones?

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.
Lord Byron

Vday Blog Swap

I participated in a blogger swap, and I cant find the blogger or her page who actually hosted it (bummer) for Valentines Day. There were different spending amounts you could sign up for or ask for a blogger in a different country, but I wasnt picky so I signed up for the $20 spending limit.

I got a lovely package from Kelli, who is a Mary Kay rep, she isnt an active blogger but wanted to participated. So I made  a quick lil 5 min video

I got a girl in Sweden, you can check out her blog here. Although you may need to translate it to read it! I sent her package late to her only because I couldnt understand how to read her address because they use a different order over there. So I hope you enjoy!

And yes thats my son in the background watching Superman!!!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon

She is Love

Love. Love is such a strong force. We all have been in love at least one point in our lives, or maybe even several times. I dont really know why I am writing this, I am in no way an expert in love. But I do love "LOVE".  I love the connection two people feel when they first met.  The first kiss. The first...everything.

Sometimes, after the first few months or years go by, and this goes for any relationships, we forget about those special lil moments that happens between couples.  Simple little things, like cooking dinner together, going out on dates,getting flowers, holding hands,  are forgotten because of our busy lives, school, work, kids and family. 

We all need those lil reminders to stop. Take a break from our busy schedules....and take time to reunite those bonds. Go out on a date, go for a walk on the beach, go for a couples massage. Remember to appreciate your partner. Its nice to hear that youre appreciated. Its  nice to know that you are missed and loved.

In love, its always the little things that count. I mean the big things count too, but the little things is what keeps us going everyday. Small reminders that youre connected and loved. To feel connected and to feel you have a purpose in someone live. Love makes your life worthwihile.

So I guess the meaning of this post, is to remind you to stop and love someone. hahaha go run off and do something spontaneous, run and dance on the beach even if its freezing cold, bake some cookies and serve it with icecream to your love interest, do something you normally dont do. Just to feel alive, to feel loved because love is what makes the world go round.

Ill leave you with this video: "She is Love" by Parachute. Jermie and I went to see Goo Goo Dolls and saw this group and michelle Branch play. We got their autographs too! And thats another thing to do with your love, go to a concert!