The Single Woman's Valentines

Now that I am in my early 30's, it does not bother me in the least bit that I am spending this Valentine's Day alone, in fact, I rather prefer the solitude as opposed to the awkward pressure to have a good time with someone new.  That doesn't pertain to committed couples, although I am pretty sure I would still be awkward even in a relationship. lol 

I am happy and blessed to be single, especially after the crazy few years I have had. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those relationship haters, I am actually a hopeless romantic at heart. I am taking time for myself and refocusing on my goals for the future. So, this year I will be my own valentine thank you very much! 

With the Valentine's Day approaching quickly, I am trying to think of ways I will be spending my day, Four years ago, I wrote a blog post on Valentines Day Gifts (you can check that out here)  and I thought I would like to do an updated post on that. 

So, for me, I plan on binge watching either youtube, netflix or hulu since there are no good dvd new releases for this month. Then, maybe ordering some pizza, hopefully Papa Johns will have their heart shaped flatbread pizza again. I remember ordering that and the kids and I demolished it. 

If you're a flower person, go buy yourself some flowers! I love having flowers or plants on my desk and smelling their sweet perfume. I have a few favorites when it comes to flowers. My top favorite is Roses, then Stargazer Lilies, and any Hawaiian arrangement. 



So, we got pizza (check), movies (check), flowers (check) what's next? Besides the smell of flowers, I love to pick up a few new candles. I pride myself on finding unique and funky gifts online, and if I see these things in reality, I would scoop them up in a heart beat. 

Candles that "cry" wax when you light them
How cool is that???? After you burn the candles, you can use them for plant holders, or candy holders, or other candles. So cute! 

If you don't have a cuddle buddy, dog or cat or kiddos, you can cuddle up with this huge 7 foot shark, or if not cuddle with it, you can climb inside it. If you wanna take it s step further, you can get inside it and prank the hell out of a someone. lol 

7 Foot Shark 

Who says you have to buy lingerie or sexy sleepwear for a man, or partner to feel beautiful. Go buy that cute teddy or sexy bra and panty set you saw hanging on that hanger in Victoria's Secret. Go in there and buy some new underwear, a bra or two, a cute sleepwear set. Treat yourself. Love yourself. 

For me, I am a tshirt and sweatpants type of girl...I would go for something like this: 

Tattoo Leggings 

Its rare that I get the time to take a bubble bath, but I try to at least once or twice a year. I should really vow to take a hot bath at least once a month. I used to love lavender Epsom salts, but since LUSH has been around, I love to indulge in their famous bath bombs. My favorite scents are roses and lavender (surprise, surprise) 


Rose Bombshell

And to finish the day/night off, gotta have some desert. My ultimate comfort food is Entemanns Coffee Crumb Cake. Whatever you love to treat yourself to...go for it. Get chocolate wasted, or whatever you love to eat or drink, just don't over do it! 

Celebrate the love you have for yourself! Celebrate your body, heart and soul. 

From me to you, Happy Valentines Day