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Editing Issues

I filmed an awesome tutorial last weekend and finally finished editing it and cleaning everything up, adding all my finishing touches. I saved my video. Then, I go to watch it before I upload it to youtube. And then here comes sad face :( The audio does not match up with the video and its like one of those kung fu movies where the person is talking and theres no sound until 30 seconds later someone starts blabbing away. Talk about frustration.

I have been using the video editing software that came with my computer when I got this thing and many of you out there may use this program too, called Windows Movie Maker. I have made roughly like 30 movies with it and havent had any issues since. Not sure the reason why, I guess its just one of those things.

I researched a good, cheap, budget friendly alternative to WMM since I dont have a MAC yet. I came across this program called TrakAXPC. I downloaded the 30 day trial version for free to test it out then to go "PRO" you only pay like $25 for it. I gotta say it looks interesting and I could do alot more. I am not that techie nerdo, but it looked easy enough for me to figure out. Has anyone used this before? Any advice? There are helpful how to videos that I understand, now all I need is the time and energy and focus to teach myself how to use this software.

I am falling behind due to my technical difficulties, so bear with me. Ill get this figured out asap! Let me know if you film videos and what program you like to use. I appreciate any comments!