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Editing Issues

I filmed an awesome tutorial last weekend and finally finished editing it and cleaning everything up, adding all my finishing touches. I saved my video. Then, I go to watch it before I upload it to youtube. And then here comes sad face :( The audio does not match up with the video and its like one of those kung fu movies where the person is talking and theres no sound until 30 seconds later someone starts blabbing away. Talk about frustration.

I have been using the video editing software that came with my computer when I got this thing and many of you out there may use this program too, called Windows Movie Maker. I have made roughly like 30 movies with it and havent had any issues since. Not sure the reason why, I guess its just one of those things.

I researched a good, cheap, budget friendly alternative to WMM since I dont have a MAC yet. I came across this program called TrakAXPC. I downloaded the 30 day trial version for free to test it out then to go "PRO" you only pay like $25 for it. I gotta say it looks interesting and I could do alot more. I am not that techie nerdo, but it looked easy enough for me to figure out. Has anyone used this before? Any advice? There are helpful how to videos that I understand, now all I need is the time and energy and focus to teach myself how to use this software.

I am falling behind due to my technical difficulties, so bear with me. Ill get this figured out asap! Let me know if you film videos and what program you like to use. I appreciate any comments!

Calling all Bloggies

If you are a regular reader, you know how I kept complaining that I lost my flip camera, well, either I was too scatter-brained to find it, or it was stolen from me. Well, I have been out of commission on my videos for quite some time. UNTIL NOW, that is.....enter evil laugh MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

My Dad got me the Sony Bloggie for my birthday last week and I was so excited to open it up. This thing is cool. There are a few different versions of the Bloggie, but I got the Sony Bloggie Duo in white:

I wanted a camera that was of course HD, and had a dual screen (meaning a screen in the front and the back) I can take videos and then also see myself when I am filming or taking a picture. It is also a camera!

I can charge it through a usb port in the computer, there is also a HDMI port so I can hook it up to my TV if I wanna watch my videos or view pictures. 

I can attach my mini tripod to it as well, but I think the best feature is that I can take pictures while I am filming and it does not interfere with the video at all! There is also a light on it so you can film in dark light as well (but it is REALLY BRIGHT!) There is no flash for when you take pictures (bummer!) but honestly taking pictures in dark light with the flash is not good of quality as pics taken in daylight. Same goes with filming with the light on in dark places (ie, clubs or restaurants).

The quality during the day is awesome! In fact this picture was taken off the bloggie: enter FISH FACE

I have only had it for about a week, but I have been LOVING it so far. It also comes with software, but I have yet to use it to edit anything. I have a few videos getting ready to edit and load onto my youtube again, just internet connection has not been allowing me to load!!! Oh sometimes technology doesnt work the way you want it too.

So here is my review on this product: It is awesome! But if you want the specs on it to see for yourself, check the link Here for SONY BLOGGIE INFO.

As always, thanks for stopping by! I am off to help the kids make helicopters out of playdoh to destroy barbie shoplifters with Bella and Matti! LOL

Quote of the day:

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