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Getting That Color Itch Again

I am addicted to color! I don't plan on coloring my hair every month or so, but I get bored with my hair now. I am starting to get that itch where I want something new and fresh...again. I just think it's fun. I feel like I have done every color, but I really havent. To see my hair timeline, you can see it here.  My inspiration comes from all over, but lately I've been on Pintrest of course. Here is what I am feeling lately:

Then, Paul Mitchell brought back their blue powder lightener cream and I am super excited to try it out. It says it can lift up to 7 levels..yea 7 levels in a gentle way. Because we all know anything you do to your hair even shampooing your hair damages it. Imagine what bleach does, thats why I am always do a conditioning treatment after I color my hair with Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin treatment. Love it.

It's Sunday, and I am at home, watching The Goonies with the kids, hubby is sleeping in and I am finishing up a video that I was supposed to post before or on fourth of July...yea, its been a lil busy. I havent been feeling too well, theres something going around. I hope its not the Zombie Virus and its just a summer cold. Its been ridonkulously hot and humid and its making me miserable to where I dont even want to wear makeup. Ugh. Oh well.

Since the library here is closed on sundays in the summer, something I didnt even know about till this morning, I guess we will just go hang out at my mom's house and let the kids run amuck. Have a great sunday!

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."